Tontine Hotel

Manufacturer: Knowles Taylor Knowles
User: Tontine Hotel
Date: 1885 - circa 1910
Notes: The Tontine Hotel was located on Church Street, across from the Green, in New Haven, Conn. Built in 1824 by David Hoadley, it was the first commercial hotel in New Haven. According to Hotel Red Books, George White was the proprietor/manager from 1906 to 1911. The hotel closed circa 1911-1912 and was razed. A new Federal Court House was built on the site in 1913.

Larry Paul's 20th Century Hotel Research Database
Hotel Red Books and other Internet sources.

White body platter with a pale blue, floral band border. Centermarked with the Tontine Hotel & Geo T. White. Prop. concentric circle logo with the entwined initials GTW in the center.

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