InterContinental Hotels 01

Manufacturer: Homer Laughlin
User: InterContinental Hotels - Chicago
Date: circa 2000
Notes: Located at 505 North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, the InterContinental Chicago, was originally built as the Medinah Athletic Club, serving Shriners. Following the demise of the club in 1934, the InterContinental Hotel Group purchased the building in 1988, and opened it in 1990. Investing 250 million dollars and guided by a 1930 copy of the 'Scimitar', a yearbook of the Shriner organization, the InterContinental Chicago was remodeled and reopened it many of the original decorations and stylings restored or faithfully replaced.

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White Seville body, olive band around verge, gold overglaze edge with Inter-Continental ovoid logo repeated in matte gold. Center logo in gold overglaze as well, showing name circling a stylized lion.

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