Lefty O'Doul's

Manufacturer: TEPCO
User: Lefty O'Douls Restaurant and Bar
Date: 1931 - 1968
Notes: Francis Joseph "Lefty" O'Doul (1897-1969) was a left-handed major league pitcher. He began his major league career with the New York Yankees on April 29, 1919. His final major league appearance was on September 30, 1934 for the New York Giants.

His restaurant and bar is still in operation today (2010) at 333 Geary Street, San Francisco, Calif. (his hometown). It continues to serve his original recipe for the Bloody Mary (albeit secretly modified in the 1960s by O'Doul bartender Chuck Davis, who remains at the bar as of 2009).

A bridge over McCovey Cove, near the Giants home field of AT&T Park, is named the Lefty O'Doul bridge in his honor.

Tan body topmarked with an illustration of a baseball player in a black striped SF uniform, wearing a chef's hat, leaning on a baseball bat in one hand, holding up a piping, red hot meat roast in the other hand. The words "Left O'Doul's" appear beneath the illustration in black.

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