Gayoso Hotel 4

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Gayoso Hotel
Pattern name: Gayoso, Underglaze Pattern No. 74801
Date: 1924
Notes: According to the Wikipedia, "The first Gayoso House was built in Memphis, Tenn., overlooking the Mississippi in 1842. It was a first-class hotel designed by James H. Dakin, with the latest conveniences, including indoor plumbing, marble tubs, silver faucets and flush toilets. In the 1850s, an addition to the hotel doubled the rooms to 150. It burned to the ground in 1899."

From Historic Memphis Hotels, "The second Gayoso Hotel was a U-shaped structure surrounding a courtyard. The hotel was designed by James B. Cook and opened in 1902. There was an effort to return the Gayoso to its former glory, but it never quite achieved the fame of the previous hotel. Goldsmith's Department Store, which was next door to the Gayoso, bought the hotel in 1948 and used it for offices and storage. The Gayoso closed its doors in 1962. Fifty years later, it has been restored and used for downtown apartments, residences, restaurants, and offices."

As alluded to on the back of the plate, according to Larry Paul's Hotel Database, the Memphis Hotel Company was the hotel's owner/operator from approximately 1923 to 1942.

The white plate has a red line, a band of circles, swags of bell flowers connected by blue bows and ovals of multi-colored flowers, all located on its rim.

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