American Hotel Annex

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: American Hotel Annex
Pattern: Adolphus
Distributor: W.S. Ford & Co., St. Louis
Date: March 1912
Notes: Located on North 6th and Market streets in St. Louis, this 10-floor, 225-room hotel opened circa 1913-1914. It was not listed in the Hotel Red Book after 1935.

The service plate has a center topmark of a gray and white eagle on a red, white and blue banner with gold tassels on white body. Adolphus pattern border consisting of swags and opal-like pendants in shades of green, brown and yellow. Syracuse China obtained a patent for this border design on March 11, 1913. It was not a controlled pattern and thus was available to anyone to use or customize, such as this American Hotel Annex plate. Additional green stripe added around the rim.

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