Breyers Ice Cream 2

Manufacturer: Greenwood Pottery
User: Breyers Ice Cream
Date: 1910 - 1933
Notes: William Breyer opened his first retail ice cream shop in 1882 in Philadelphia, PA. Within a short time he opened four more retail shops. Breyer continued to make all of the ice cream in the back of one of the shops, cranking it by hand and delivering it with his horse-drawn wagon. In 1896, his family set up its first wholesale manufacturing plant. Breyer's son, Henry, incorporated the business in 1908 and continued his father's commitment to produce high-quality ice cream. He added the now-famous "Pledge of Purity" to every package of Breyers Ice Cream as his personal guarantee that Breyers was indeed the best ice cream available.

In 1993, Unilever bought Breyers and was made part of the Gold Bond-Good Humor Ice Cream Company in Green Bay, Wis., renaming the company the Good Humor-Breyers Ice Cream Company. (Source: Wikipedia)

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White body and green leaf logo with "Breyers Quality" name in contrasting white and green. Thin green and brick-red lines around the rim and thin green line around the verge.

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