Manufacturer: Wallace China
Pattern: Longhorn
Date: 1951 and 1955
Notes: This pattern is part of Wallace's Westward Ho series, designed by Till Goodan and originally produced for the Wentz Company between 1943 and 1964. Till Goodan began receiving recognition for his Western art in the 1930s after he spent his early years riding, roping and drawing on his family farm in California.

A wholesale company purchased two of Goodan’s paintings to put on display at a trade show. The paintings caused so much interest that plans were made to meet with Goodan. The Westward Ho dinnerware featuring his designs was the outcome of that meeting.

The Longhorn pattern is the hardest-to-find of the Wallace China western patterns. This pattern was produced on a white base and a tan (buckskin) base, as shown below, and the tan pieces are much harder to find, as they were but a tiny subset of the pieces made in this pattern. This plate pattern was also produced with and without the TEXAS/THE LONE STAR STATE portion of the design.

The branding iron design on the handle of the cup shown below is the official brand of the state of Texas. Till Goodan's signature G/ can be seen in the lower right of the design.

White and tan body with dark brown transfer border of longhorn cattle and a cowboy on a horse riding herd in the 12 o'clock position. Center-marked with a design of a longhorn cattle head in shades of brown and rust. The white body version is also center-marked with the word "TEXAS" above the longhorn cattle head and the words "The LONE*STAR STATE" below the head.

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Longhorn, white body

Longhorn, tan body

Part of the Westward Ho collection are Longhorn pattern glasses, made by Libbey and designed by Till Goodan. Here is a boxed set of four shot glasses. The box is decorated with the Westward Ho checkerboard brands design.

ID and white body Longhorn photos contributed by luvwesternchina
Tan body Longhorn photos contributed by itsagas

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