Shamrock Hotel 3

Manufacturer: Scammell China
User: Shamrock Hotel, Houston, TX
Distributor of bowl: Nathan-Straus-Duparquet Inc.
Date: circa 1946 - 1954
Notes: The hotel was built between 1946 and 1949 by independent oilman Glenn H. McCarthy in Houston, Texas. It was dedicated on St. Patrick's Day in 1949. McCarthy lost the property in 1954 when it was taken over by the Equitable Life Assurance Company and the Shamrock then was acquired by Hilton Hotels. The hotel was operated as the Shamrock Hilton Hotel for over three decades, but it endured financial struggles throughout its history. In 1985, Hilton Hotels donated the building to the Texas Medical Center and the structure was demolished on June 1, 1987.

The hotel was the model for Edna Ferber's Conquistador in her novel "Giant" and was even featured in the 1956 film.

Lamberton China Ivory Body with kelly green border and three bands of coin gold: one smooth, one wave and dot pattern, one botanical. Two variations shown below: an 11" service plate with the Shamrock logo in coin gold in the well of the plate and a bowl without the topmark.

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