Great Northern Railroad

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Great Northern Railroad
Pattern: Oriental hand-painted version P-37 (Syracuse also ordered Underglaze Pattern #87401)
Date: 1935
Notes: The pattern came in two slightly different versions, and this one shown is the hand-painted version P-37. This pattern was used on board the Great Northern’'s famous Oriental Limited and used in the railroad’'s dining cars. It was sometimes backstamped G.N.RY. as shown below.

The decal version of the pattern was #87401.

The pattern was copyrighted in June 1929 by Harry Aitken. From member P-Norm, "the copyright descriptions for the handpainted versions of this Harry Aitken design are P-37 “Dello. Modernistic flower-pot with modernistic balls and leaves coming from it” and [the similar] P-38 “Balloon trees. Modernistic flower pot with plant consisting of balls and leaves." These designs are illustrated in a catalog of Syracuse overglaze patterns on pages 167-168.

Pattern image contributed by L Paul

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