Los Angeles Athletic Club

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Los Angeles Athletic Club, 431 West Seventh Street, Los Angeles, CA
Date: 1923 and 1973
Notes: Founded in 1880 by 40 prominent Angelenos, the club has had numerous locations during its history. Members included Charlie Chaplin, Rudolph Valentino, Jack London, William Randolph Hearst, and Eddy Rickenbacker

In 1912, its 12-story current location opened that included the first rooftop swimming pool in Southern California, weighing 1.5 million pounds.

For additional information, click here for the Los Angeles Athletic Club's website.

Design includes a black stripe and sage green stripe on the border with thin rust lines surrounding the sage green line. The ribboned crest has a burgundy red background with an inner crest of blue. Inside it are a white crescent moon, a black winged foot and the letters LAAC.

Date of Ice Cream Shell: 1923

Date of Plate: 1973

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