Benjamin Franklin Hotel - Philadelphia, PA

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Benjamin Franklin Hotel - Philadelphia, PA
Date: circa 1920s
Notes: The Benjamin Franklin Hotel is located at 9th & Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The 18-story, 1,200-room hotel originally was designed by Horace Trumbauer and opened in January, 1925.

The hotel was "Philadelphia's social center for the finest in food, entertainment and dancing" and home of the Garden Terrace supper room, Coral Cafe, the Kite and Key cocktail lounge, and a Ballroom that could accommodate 1,800.

In the mid-1980s the hotel was renovated and reopened as the Benjamin Franklin House, consisting of 412 apartments. In 2011, it is known as The Franklin Residences.

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White body service plate with coin gold line and wide floral band on the rim with another coin gold line on the verge. The well of the plate has a reproduction image of Benjamin Franklin by Duplessis.

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