Harriman Blue 3

Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: Southern Pacific Railroad
Pattern: Harriman Blue
Date: 1890s-1900
Notes: Manufacturers included the Maddock Pottery Co. and John Maddock & Sons (England). The pattern was named for E.H. Harriman, director as of 1897 and later president, and his son W.A. Harriman, Chairman until 1946, of Union Pacific Railroad, which acquired control of Southern Pacific in 1901.

The oval platter has the impressed Maddock's American China on the bottom as well as the early eagle mark.

The border pattern, controlled by Harriman Lines, features a teal scroll design around the rim and customized with the railroad shield reading Southern Pacific Company in a circle surrounding a rising sun over railroad tracks and Sunset Odgen & Shasta Routes. The pattern, although with a different topmark, was also used on another Harriman-controlled railroad, Union Pacific, to provide some continuity on the jointly-operated trains.

Harriman Blue and Harriman Blue 2 for the Union Pacific versions.

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