Yearley's Lunch

Manufacturer: W.H. Grindley, England
User: Yearley's Lunch
Date: early 1900s - circa 1925
Notes: In 1903, Wesley Moore Yearley opened his first lunch room in Washington, D.C., which closed one year later. He then opened four other lunch rooms in succession: two in Philadelphia, another in Washington, D.C., and a bakery in Baltimore, Maryland.

By 1913, according to the Baltimore City Directory, W.M. Yearley was proprietor of the Stag Lunch Room, two Baltimore Dairy Lunch Rooms, as well as the Balto Dairy Lunch Bakery (see directory listing excerpts below).

White body with large swag border of green flowers, leaves & bows. Topmarked in green with a stag (buck or deer) head in a center circle and the words "Yearley's Lunch - W.M. Yearley & Sons, Inc." around the circle within another ornamental design.

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Topmark Variation - Unmarked Plate - circa 1905

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