Azuma Sukiyaki House

Manufacturer: Unknown
User: Azuma Sukiyaki House
Date: 1970s
Notes: The Azuma Sukiyaki House was located in a former “tied” saloon house built at 5120 N. Broadway in Chicago. The Azuma House, debatably Chicago's first Japanese restaurant, was a restaurant and lounge specializing in Japanese cuisine. It offered a tea garden setting as well as Western-height table settings.

Offering Tempura, Sukiyaki, Teriyaki, Sashimi and other dishes, it opened in 1958, replacing earlier tenants that included Luigi's La Vie En Rose and Howey's Old World Inn, that had themselves replaced the earlier Uihlien family Schlitz saloon, Winona Gardens.

It closed in the 1980s, but the building is now owned by the South-East Asia Center. The building, built in 1904 and expanded in 1935, has been designated since 2011 as a Chicago architectural landmark.
White body with green logo and script on front and reverse, respectively. Logo is of a circle in which a Japanese hanging lantern is seen next to a traditional Japanese wall done in their distinctive architectural style.

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