Jackson Logo Sample Plate

Manufacturer: Jackson China
Pattern name/user: Jackson Logo Sample Plate
Date: Unknown
Notes: The white manufacturer's sample plate contains 14 underglaze decals for restaurants with associated hand-lettered numbers. Among them are:

Baltimore Dairy Lunch - J.A. Whitcomb
Mint Grill (443-15)
Fuller's Cafe - Beaumont and Pt. Arthur (431-18)
Oriental Restaurant (409-10)
Spaghetti Place (483-37)
Old Mill Inn - Pennsauken Township (583-7)
Wallen's Corned Beef Shop (525-10)
The Voss - Food of Quality (518-7)
Causeway Cafeteria (526-5)
Dallas Lunch (436-38)
Franklin Restaurant (448-8)
California Cafe (484-3)
Sandwich Shop (538-6)
Arcade Cafe (548-13)

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