Holly Hill Hotel

Manufacturer: Mayer China
User: Holly Hill Hotel
Pattern: Fade-Out with Maroon Band, P-4050
Date: circa 1940s
Notes: Located in an orange grove, atop a hill overlooking Davenport Lake, Davenport, Fla., originally, it was the two-story, 30-room, Holly Hill Inn owned by the Holly Hill Grove & Fruit Company. Their slogan: "It's Playtime in Orangeland."

The broad veranda around the Inn was a welcome sight to travelers on the old Dixie Highway. The cooler summers and warmer winters brought more people to the area. There were shuffleboards, a croquet court, tennis court, and what was called Obstacle Golf right on the grounds, with swimming, boating, fishing, golf and hiking within walking distance.

The Inn is first listed in the 1922 Hotel Red Book; it was built some time after 1918. By 1927, an addition was made to the Inn and the room-count jumped to 75. By 1933, the name became the Holly Inn Club and in 1935 it was back to the Holly Hill Inn.

By 1938, it was the Holly Hill Hotel. From 1940 to 1954, the hotel cut back to 26 rooms. It was not listed in the 1956 Hotel Red Book.

The structure later became the Holly Hill Home, "Florida's most attractive Hotel and Home for aged Christians."

Holly hill Inn Davenport - Florida, "It's play time in Orangeland"
Davenport Home of the Holly Hill Fruit & Grove Company
Hotel Red Books

White body, 6" x 8.25" platter with underglaze maroon fade-out and blended color rim treatment, a maroon band on the verge and another thin maroon line on the edge of the well. Topmarked Holly Hill Hotel in maroon on one side of the well.

Note the matching "HHH" logo on the chair covers and the topmarked bread plates placed on the tables in the enlarged Holly Hill Hotel Dining Room photo below; the main plates are covered with napkins in this circa 1940s photo.

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