Len Roy Hotel

Manuacturer: Unknown, possibly Buffalo China or Syracuse China
User: Len Roy Hotel
Date: circa 1922
Notes: In 1922, the Len Roy Hotel of New York replaced the Athens Hotel, formerly owned by the St. Cloud Hotel Company. The Athens was a five-story hotel located at 56 East 42nd Street, New York. By 1923, the Len Roy had undergone a major renovation complete with cafeteria, downstairs shops, mezzanines and fine appointments. In 1922, the hotel company was owned by G. A. Leonard, L.B. Larabee, and A. Shaughnessy and featured the European Plan for its guests. According to Polk's New York Directory listing, Chas G. Taylor managed the hotel in 1924-25. It seems the Len Roy Hotel was no longer in operation by the late 1920s.

White body with the script words “Len Roy” appearing in black within a banner. One black pinstripe around the rim of the creamer.

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