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Greenwood Pottery

Homer Laughlin






And now, take a break from your restaurant ware research
with an apropos poem written by one of our colleagues from
down under, the RWCN's poet laureate Richard Milne:

Darned initials are pretty grim,
Especially if the lettering's dim,
Add to that Old English letters,
That confuse and act as fetters

And names of hotels and cafes without a town,
Serve only to get me down,
Badges of long gone organisations,
And Logos obscure obfuscations.

Yet there there is one thing worse,
Elaborate Monograms are a curse,
Deciphering each letter is just the start
Deciding their order an arcane art,

However every now and then,
Thank heavens for the RWCN,
You find the answer to what you seek!
(Although Stephenie says with unblushing cheek,
"I could have told you that last week")
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