Sir Francis Drake Hotel 2

Manufacturer: Bauscher Brothers
User: Sir Francis Drake Hotel
Distributor: Arthur Schiller and Son, Chicago
Date: 1928 - 1930
Notes: This original 25-story hotel is located at 450 Powell St. in San Francisco, CA. It was originally built with 600 rooms for the Huckins-Newcomb Hotel Co. It opened October 1, 1928 and was the home of the famous Persian Room. In 1955, the Starlight Roof, Drake's Tavern, Drake's Fancy and the Cafe Drake were popular. The Starlight Lounge, Scala's Bistro and the Cafe Expresso were introduced in 1999.

In January 1938, the hotel was purchased by Conrad Hilton. It became a Western Hotel in 1951 and in 1967 a Western International Hotel. A renovation in 1973 lowered the room count to 415, and the hotel became part of the Princess Hotels International chain. In 1993, it became a Kimpton Hotel and it continues under this management in 2010.

Click here for the hotel's web site and for more information about this historic San Francisco Hotel.

White body with a dark blue band border between two coin gold pinlines. Topmarked in coin gold with the Sir Francis Drake Hotel logo of a spread eagle at the top with scroll work down the sides. There is a helmet below the eagle, along with two flags, a crest and two griffins. A banner beneath the logo reads: Hotel Sir Francis Drake in coin gold.

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