Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Yoengs Chinese-American Restaurant
Plate Border Pattern: Brown Willow
Plate Distributor: Albert Pick-Barth Company, Inc.
Date: 1912 - 1920
Notes: Located at 1609 Broadway (49th Street) in New York City, Yoeng's (aka Yoengs) Chinese-American Restaurant was also a big band orchestra dance venue and sponsor of popular radio shows from the 1920s to at least the early 1930s.

"Like many other Chinese-American restaurants around the city, it used a band at three sessions -- lunch, dinner, and supper. They had bands from four pieces on up and there was dancing at nearly all these places, even at lunchtime when businessmen sould come in and dance a little bit, maybe with their secretaries." Barnet, Those Swinging Years (1984)

Yoeng's Restaurant Inc. was listed in the 1925 New York City Directory with John W. Yoengs cited as the president of the corporation. By 1933-34, Chin Mow was listed as the president.

White body match stand with a dark orange pinline and black pinline broken by a black three-arrow ornamental border design. Topmarked Yoengs in orange on a scroll emblem.

White body plate with a Brown Willow border in hues of orange and rust extending to the verge. The ornamental border design features geometric shapes, as well as large pendants at the 3-6-9 and 12:00 o'clock positions. Topmarked Yoengs in orange on a scroll emblem.

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