California Oyster House

Manufacturer: Wallace China
User: California Oyster House
Date: circa 1930s - early 1940s
Notes: In 1919, John Barcott, Sr., an immigrant from what later became Yugoslavia, opened the California Oyster House at 903 Pacific Ave. in downtown Tacoma, Washington.

In 1946, John's son Anton took over management of the California Oyster House, but closed it on December 31, 1958 due to limited seating capacity and restricted parking. Anton then opened Harbor Lights, a popular waterfront venue located just north of the Old Tacoma Dock.

Click here to see the California Oyster House exterior sign in the backdrop of this photo of a daffodil-covered, jungle-themed zoo float in the 1951 Daffodil Parade.

Tacoma Public Library, Image Archives
"Harbor Lights Hits 50," Tacoma Weekly, August 18, 2009

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