South Side Swedish Club 1

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: South Side Swedish Club
Date: 1940s-50s
Notes: The South Side Swedish Club of Chicago was formed to meet the community desire for an ethnic meeting place, and was first located in the heart of the Swedish enclave, near Andersonville. It was later located, and very active through the 1950-1960s, at 7330 S. Ridgeland. Meetings, festivals, ceremonies and similar events were held at their club location. However, the dispersion of original residents and dilution through new and different ethnic interests led to the club closing, with the property eventually being held by the Nation of Islam.

Cast in white with a parallel band of blue and yellow encircling on the edge, broken at 12 o'clock by the shield logo in blue and yellow reading South Side Club, over an enlarged S.

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