Manufacturer: Corning
User: Frisch's
Date: unknown
Notes: In 1905, Samuel Frisch opened Frisch's Café in Cincinnati, Ohio. Frisch died in 1923 and three of his sons, Dave, Reuben and Irving, took over the restaurant operations.

In 1948, the first Frisch's Big Boy opened on Central Parkway in Cincinnati, including curb service and a small amount of counter seats inside. This was a franchise of Bob Wian's Big Boy restaurants in California. The only difference is that Frisch's substituted its own tartar sauce for Big Boy's Thousand Island dressing.

In 1949, Frisch's opened a Big Boy in the Kentucky market and continued to expand into Indiana, giving them stores in three states.

Today (2010), Frisch's remains a regional chain in Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio. It also operates Golden Corrals in those states plus Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The Big Boy chain went into bankruptcy early in the 21st century. Frisch's declined to buy the chain but continues to operate its Big Boy restaurants.

Frisch's web site:

White milk Pyrex body with Frish's Big Boy image in red, with "JUST A CUP OF COFFEE TO YOU" on the left and "BUT A REPUTATION TO US" on the right.

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