North Eastern Lunch

Manufacturer: Buffalo China
User: North Eastern Lunch, Montreal, Canada
Distributor: The Keates-Mitchell Co., Limited, Montreal
Date of bowl: 1925
Notes: Excerpt from a 1969 interview with Leonard Cohen: "I always loved the people the world used to call mad. I always loved people who were somehow aberrated, who seemed to be aberrated from the alleged normal. I always loved these people. I used to hang out in Philips Square [in Montreal] and talk to those old men and I used to hang out at Northeastern Lunch that was down on Clark Street, or with the junkies. I was only thirteen or fourteen at the time. I never understood why I was down there except that I felt at home, at home with those people."

White body, red and blue pinstripes, blue oval with initials CBC and banner reading The North Eastern Lunch.

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