Berlin Hotel

Manufacturer: Unknown
User: Berlin Hotel
Distributor: Albert Pick & Company, Chicago and San Francisco
Date: 1911
Notes: From 1911-1917, the Berlin Hotel occupied the Chancellor Hartson building on the northeast corner of Third and Main streets in Napa, California. The Chancellor Hartson building was built in 1911 by Asenath Hartson Cope, the only daughter of Chancellor Hartson, a prominent Napa County district attorney and judge.

The Berlin Hotel was owned and operated by Adele Alexander, who was married to W. F. Alexander, former mayor of Napa. After he passed away, she remarried and changed the hotel name to the Connor Hotel for patriotic reasons, and in honor of her second husband, Russ Connor, a prominent local businessman.

The Connor Hotel continued to operate under various owners until 1979, when it was torn down under the Napa Community Redevelopment Agency program that affected many buildings on Main Street.

Jules Evans-White, Research and Volunteer Coordinator, Napa County Historical Society

Off-white body with dark green rim and red border lines. Topmarked with the Berlin Hotel crest or logo in dark green and red hues, featuring a spread-winged eagle, carrying a ribbon banner that reads: THE BERLIN and NAPA CAL - AALEXANDER - PROP on separate lines beneath.

Courtesy of the Napa County Historical Society

Courtesy of the Napa County Historical Society

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Berlin Hotel photos courtesy of the Napa County Historical Society

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