Mister Donut

Manufacturer: Sterling China
User: Mister Donut
Date of Shell Pink Mug: circa 1956
Date of White Mug: 1966
Date of Ivory Mug: 1969
Notes: Mister Donut was founded in 1956 and was eventually acquired by Dunkin Donuts in 1990, with some Mister Donut franchises electing to keep their own identities. In 1983, a Japanese company acquired the Mister Donut rights and it is now the largest donut chain operating in Japan. (Source: Wikipedia)

The backstamp E shown below matches a Shell Pink backstamp D by Sterling, also featuring the donut man, encompassing 1962-1964. The Shell Pink backstamp is known to have been used 1940s - 1950s. This is believed to be one of the first, if not the first, Mister Donuts mugs.

This tiny image below shows a different shaped
Shell Pink Sterling China Mister Donut cup.

The 1966 donut/heart advertisement below ties in nicely with
this mug design from the same year.

Later donut man image, 1969

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