Silver Grill

Manufacturer: Guerin-Pouyat-Elite Ltd.
User: Silver Grill
Date: 1901+
Notes: Construction on the Spokane Hotel, 501 W. 1st Ave, Spokane, WA, started in 1889; the proprietors were William and Ben Norman and were associated with the hotel through 1927. There was a fire during construction and the hotel finally opened on April 23, 1890. It was in the early 1900s that Kirtland Cutter designed the Silver Grill.

From "Tales of the Road" (c. 1905) by Charles Crewdson comes this description:

"A bunch of us sat in the Silver Grill of the Hotel Spokane where we could see the goldfish and the baby turtles swimming in the pool of the ferned grotto in the center of the room. This is one place toward which the heart of every traveling man who wanders in the far Northwest turns when he has a few days of rest between trips. Perhaps more good tales of the road are told in this room than in any other in the West. There is an air about the place that puts one at ease - the brick floor, the hewn logs that support the ceiling and frame in the pictures of English country life around the walls, the big, comfortable, black-oak chairs, and the open fireplace, before which spins a roasting goose or turkey."

In 1906-1907 a floor was added to the hotel to bring the number of rooms to 250, and interior renovations were made. Because of the Silver Grill, the Spokane Hotel was the destination of many people traveling to the Northwest. The Depression, a war and a succession of manager/owners did nothing for the hotel and the hotel began to lose its luster.

It closed its doors in 1961 and was purchased by the Ridpath Hotel across the street. The Spokane was demolished and the Ridpath built a "U" shaped four-story motel, with swimming pool, where the Spokane used to sit. A walkway over 1st Avenue connected the two parts of the 375-room Ridpath Hotel and Motor Inn. According to Ridpath's Web site, there is a Silver Grill located in the hotel.

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