Eldorado/El Dorado Hotel

Manufacturer: Bailey-Walker China
User: Hotel Eldorado/Hotel El Dorado
Date of cup/saucer: October 1941
Notes: Located at 200 Main Street in El Dorado, Kansas, the hotel is variously called El Dorado and Eldorado in Hotel Red Books.

Construction was completed on the five-story, 100-room hotel in 1922 and went through a series of owners. The most likely owner in the date range of this china would have been J. B. Harris, c. 1935 - c. 1943. Its fate is unknown at this time, but its entries disappeared from Hotel Red Books in the mid-1960s.

Bold orange flower, possibly a sunflower, with dark green line on ivory body. Topmarked in green script Hotel Eldorado, Eldorado, Kansas. The 1941 creamer shown below has no floral elements.

Creamer photo submitted by reddygal

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