Tadich Grill

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Tadich Grill
Date: 1986
Notes: Tadich Grill in San Francisco, California is the oldest restaurant in both the city and the state. It opened in 1849 as The New World Coffee Stand, later called New World Coffee Saloon, on the waterfront and moved to 240 California Street, in the financial district, in 1967. John Tadich, a Croatian immigrant, started working at the New World Coffee Saloon in 1872 and changed the name to Tadich Grill after becoming sole owner in 1887.

The restaurant specialized in seafood and local specialties and continues to this day under the ownership of the Buich family, who purchased it in 1928. The restaurant is also known for its use of mesquite for broiling fish, dating back to 1925, when Louie Buich suggested it as was done in his native Croatia.


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White body, green lines, Tadich Grill in script, banner below reading The Original Cold Day Restaurant, established 1849.

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