Shenango Pottery Lunch Room

Manufacturer: Shenango China
User: Shenango Pottery Company Lunch Room
Date: 1920s - early 1950s
Notes: During its years of production, Shenango was America's largest manufacturer of commercial china. Located in New Castle, Pa., it was in operation from 1901 until 1991.

The tan-bodied cup has Shenango Pottery Lunch Room in all-caps in a black serif font.

Shenango Timeline

New Castle Pottery built plant on West Grant Street; Shenango China was incorporated on Emery Street.
Shenango China had difficulties, resulting in a receiver being appointed; they reorganized under the name Shenango Pottery Company.

New Castle Pottery closed.

Shenango Pottery financial problems continued, but a new group took over, with James M. Smith as president. This resulted in a turnaround after almost nine years of struggle.

Shenango Pottery purchased the New Castle Plant and moved to that location.

The new plant flooded before production could start after refurbishing the new location, slowing down the growth.

James Smith proved to be a determined leader and businessman, and the plant slowly flourished.

Shenango Pottery produced American Haviland for Theodore Haviland Company of France. The ware was marked "Haviland, New York."

They were commisioned by Rosenthal China of Germany to produce Rosenthal shapes and patterns under the name "Castleton China." Shenango invested $25,000.

Castleton China began sales.

Shenango Pottery purchased all the stock of the Castleton China Co. from Rosenthal.

A design was commissioned in honor of President Eisenhower's "first birthday" in the White House for a celebration hosted by the Republican Party in Hershey, Pa., and given as gifts to those attending.

Shenango Pottery changed the name back to Shenango China, Inc.

Castleton was commissioned by First Lady Mamie Eisenhower to create the formal china for the White House State Dining Room.

By 1959, Sobiloff Brothers had purchased all the stock from the Smith estate and other stock holders.

Shenango bought Wallace China of California.

All assets of Shenango China were transfered to Shenango Ceramics, owned by the Sobiloffs.

Mayer China Company of Beaver Falls, Pa., was purchased.

Wallace China was liquidated.

A set of Castleton was commisioned for the Johnson administration to present to the White House as a state service china.

The assets of Shenango Ceramics, Castleton China and Mayer China were sold to Interpace Corporation, manufacturers of Franciscan earthenware and fine china on the West Coast.

Production of Castleton China was stopped.

Shenango China Company was bought by Anchor Hocking Corporation.

The Shenango China plant was sold to Syracuse China Corp. in 1988.

The plant closed in 1991.

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