Book Cadillac Hotel

Manufacturer: C.M. Hutschenreuther, Hohenberg, Bavaria
User: Book Cadillac Hotel, Detroit, Michigan
Distributor: Albert Pick & Co., Chicago
Date: 1925 and 1928
Notes: This pattern was probably used in the English Grill of the Book Cadillac Hotel. It is commonly referred to as the "Robin Hood" pattern. Note that there is an old gun in the hunter's hands and not a bow and arrow – which was Robin Hood's weapon of choice. Click here to see the US Patent information for this plate design by John E. Phillips. The Book Cadillac Hotel was built in 1924 by brothers J.B., Frank and Herbert Book at an original cost of $14 million.

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Date of Cup on Black Knight body: 1925

Date of Compote: 1928

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