Horn & Hardart

Manufacturer: Mayer China
User: Horn & Hardart Co., Philadelphia, New York and New Jersey
Pattern Names: Medallion, Nassau, Marion (all similar patterns with different pattern names)
Date: pre-1928
Notes: The first Horn and Hardart Automat opened June 12, 1902 at 818 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia, PA. The first Automat in New York City opened ten years later at 1557 Broadway, Times Square, between 46th & 47th Streets. The distributor noted in the backstamps shown below -- Wright, Tyndale and Van Roden -- was based in Philadelphia and went out of business circa 1928. Based on the backstamp information, it seems that the distributor provided china for Philadelphia and New York.

There are many pieces of china with this pattern for sale that are not backstamped Horn & Hardart. It is not known if any of them might have seen automat service and/or if the pattern(s) were exclusive to H&H.

White body with deep green Art Nouveau flowers, swags and swirls.

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The same distributor backstamp as pictured below,
but another addition to the known Horn & Hardart topmarked pieces.

Unusual find: a topmarked saucer

Cup-and-saucer photos contributed by kathleen
Topmarked cup photos contributed by Patrick Carie

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