Larkin Co.

Manufacturer: Buffalo China
User: Larkin Company
Pattern/Body: Rouge Lamelle
Date: 1930s
Notes: The Larkin Soap Company of Buffalo, New York was founded by principals John D. Larkin, Elbert Hubbard and Darwin Martin in 1875. Early in the 20th century, the company expanded its product offerings to include groceries, dry goods, china and furniture, offering these products through its national mail-order house. Click here for a brief Larkin History.

The platter topmark matches the lettering on Larkin Company labels and warehouse parking passes used circa 1930s. Click here to view other Larkin Co. artifacts. This platter likely was used in the Larkin Administration Building kitchen/restaurant dining rooms.

Wikipedia: Larkin Administration Building
The Larkin Collection: A Brief History of the Larkin Company

Rouge Lamelle or rose-beige outer border with black pin line inner-rim border and white center. Topmarked Larkin in black.

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