Adams Hotel

Manufacturer: L. Hutschenreuther AG
User: The Adams
Date: 1929
Notes: When the 23-story, 350-room Adams hotel was built in 1928, the entrance was located at 2 E. 86th street, just east of Fifth Avenue. The six-story William Starr Miller house occupied the southeast corner of Fifth Avenue and 86th Street, so The Adams was built to wrap around this house.

By 1986, the hotel’s room count had been reduced to 178. It had a restaurant and a coffee shop, but no information has turned up about their size or what they looked like.

In 1991, while the hotel was being gutted and converted into 54 condos, an appeal was made to the Manhattan Borough President’s Office for an address change to 1049 Fifth Avenue, where the side façade is located. Usually such a change is not allowed, but in this case it was. A Fifth Avenue address, overlooking Central Park, is a huge selling feature for condos, and these now sell (in 2015) for around $1 million.

The celery dish was manufactured on Hutschenreuther’s Black Knight trade name china and has a decal border in pale blue and tan outlined in black. Oval frames contain the illustration of a standing woman with acanthus scrolls flanking the ovals. A connecting border of small ovals alternates with tan X shapes. There is the profile of a woman’s head in every other oval. A rim band of tan triangles and dots completes the design.

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