Terrace Garden

Manufacturer: Bauscher Brothers
User: Terrace Garden located in the Morrison Hotel, Chicago, IL
Distributor: Arthur Schiller & Son, Chicago
Date: 1925
Notes: From Dining in Chicago, The John Day Co., New York, Copyrighted 1931, p. 134:

The Terrace Garden "is located in the basement of the Morrison Hotel where the famed old Boston Oyster House once had quarters. It is one of the best known dine-and dance restaurants in Chicago. You eat at tables placed on circular terraces and the dance floor, orchestra, and floor show are below you. Luncheon, dinner, and after theatre supper are served here and the menu is both table d'hote and a la carte. They feature daily specials, which are appetizing, such as beef a la mode with potato pancakes, New England boiled dinner, fried spring chicken roadhouse style, boiled brisket of beef with horse radish sauce, baked finnan haddie a la Moir, and individual chicken pot pie. If you like to dance between courses or if you like to be in a gay convivial atmosphere, with music, young people and colorful surrounds, the Terrace Garden is the place to go."

The design on white body includes the dining room's circular dining terraces with high vaulted white ceilings with large hanging fern baskets. Patrons are watching a floor show of women in formation wearing hats and long dresses and coats bearing the American flag -- though it's very hard to tell that from the china! The decorative band consists of pink roses on a green band with black polka dots and the reverse side features white lattice work on black background.

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