Jones & Laughlin Steel Co.

Manufacturer: Mayer China
User: Jones & Laughlin Steel Company (J&L Steel)
Rim Pattern: Rex
Date: 1920s - 1940s
Notes: According to Daniel Krummes, author of Dining on Inland Seas, this piece likely would have been used at the Jones & Laughlin shoreside facility, on their Ohio River vessels and possibly on their Great Lakes fleet of steamships.

Established in 1853, the Jones & Laughlin Steel Corporation began in Pittsburgh, PA, and by 1902, the Jones and Laughlin family partnerships consolidated to form the Jones & Laughlin Steel Company. At that time, the J&L Steel Company was the nation's second largest steel producer with steel works in Pittsburgh & Aliquippa, PA; Cleveland, OH; and Hennepin, IL.

In 1906, the company started its shipping operation with two ships named after the company's founding fathers: the B.F. Jones and the James Laughlin. These ships, as well as the Willis L. King and Thomas Walters were owned by the Interstate Steamship Company, a subsidiary of the J&L Steel Company. Forty-three years later, in May 1949, the J&L Steel Company absorbed its Interstate Steamship Co. subsidiary, and later sold their steamers to the Wilson Transit Company of Cleveland in November 1952.

In 1974, the J&L Steel Company became a subsidiary of the LTV Corporation, continuing operations under its original name. The LTV Corporation then merged with the Republic Steel Corporation in 1984 and the J&L Steel Co. was renamed LTV Steel.
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White body with outer green rim of small diamond shapes, alternating with two lines and an inner rim design consisting of large urns and ornamental swags. Topmarked "J&L" above the word "Steel" in lined letters.

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