Warden Hotels 2

Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: Warden Hotels
Distributor: Albert Pick & Co., Chicago & San Francisco
Date: circa 1918
Notes: As early as 1894, Frank G. Warden was co-proprietor of the Hotel Metropole in Chicago and owner/proprietor of the Warden House in Newark, Ohio. He later expanded into a small hotel chain in the mid-West.

By 1911, the Warden Hotels chain included the Lima Hotel, Warden Hotel and Arcade Hotel in Ohio, the Delaware Hotel and Wescott Hotel in Indiana, and the Alabama Hotel in Alabama. Excluding the Warden Hotel, all of these hotels were owned by individual proprietors by 1918.

An ad in the 1929 Hotel Red Book shows Warden retained the Warden Hotel in Ohio and added four Iowa hotels under the Warden Hotels banner: the Chamberlain Hotel, Jefferson Hotel, Maytag Hotel and Ottumwa Hotel. (See detailed Warden Hotels listing below.)

Memorial Volume of Denison University, 1831 - 1906: Part 1
1918 Hotel Monthly Magazine
Hotel Red Books

Lamberton China white body match stand. Green lines on rim, top and bottom of chimney. Black shield with Warden Hotels. Acanthus leaves on either side of shield.

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Hotel Red Book Listings for The Warden Hotels
Alabama Hotel (100-rms) - Anniston, AL (1909 - 1913)
Delaware Hotel (125-rms) - Muncie, IN (1906 & 1909)
Wescott Hotel (125-rms) - Richmond, IN (1913)
Chamberlain Hotel (225-rms) - Des Moines, IA (1918 - 1942)
Jefferson Hotel (150-rms) - Iowa City, IA (1929 - 1942)
Maytag Hotel (105-rms) - Newton, IA (1929)
Ottumwa Hotel (150-rms) - Ottumwa, IA (1927 - 1939)
Lima Hotel (100-rms) - Lima, OH (1911 - 1913)
Warden Hotel (75-rms) - Newark, OH (1894 - 1943)
Arcade Hotel (100-rms) - Springfield, OH (1911 - 1918)

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