Winecoff Hotel

Manufacturer: Maddock Pottery Co.
User: Hotel Winecoff
Distributor: Lilienthal Crockery Co., Atlanta, GA
Date: 1913
Notes: The Hotel Winecoff, located at 176 Peachtree and Ellis Streets in Atlanta, GA was built in 1913 and was Atlanta’s tallest building at 16 stories. Constructed by William Fleming Winecoff, he was proud of his “fireproof” hotel built of brick and stone. In 1946, it was the scene of the worst fire in US history, killing 119 people who couldn’t escape, since the hotel had no fire escape, fire doors or sprinkler system. Mr. Winecoff, who also lived in the building, died in the fire as well. A photo showing a woman jumping from the blazing building won a Pulitzer Prize for Georgia Tech student Arnold Hardy. The fire became a watershed event for fire safety.

In the 1950s, after extensive remodeling including modern fire precautions, the building reopened as the Peachtree on Peachtree Hotel. It was later turned into a home for the elderly and closed once again in the 1980s. It is currently being renovated and will reopen sometime in 2007 as the Hotel Ellis, a boutique hotel.

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