Delmonico Cafe

Manufacturer: Unknown
User: Delmonico Cafe
Date: circa 1912 - circa 1938
Notes: The Delmonico Cafe of Providence, Rhode Island was listed in the 1912 Providence & Rhode Island Business Directory
(see excerpt) at 142 Atwells Avenue with Michele Schiotti as the proprietor. Similar listings appeared in the 1915 and 1917 directories.

The cafe was also listed in the 1938 Providence City Directory (see excerpt) with an address of 407 Atwells Avenue. In 1938, Richard Scalzi was the proprietor.

It is believed that this piece was used at one of these Atwell Avenue locations in Providence, Rhode Island.

White body with one green and one red pinstripe around the rim. Topmarked with a coat of arms featuring a white cross on a red shield over two criss-crossed lances/javelins against a red, light blue and gold cloak, topped with a gold bejeweled crown. The words "DELMONICO CAFE" appear beneath the crest with the word "PROVIDENCE" beneath this.

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