Ivanhoe Restaurant

Manufacturer: McNicol China
User: Ivanhoe Restaurant
Distributor: Albert Pick Co. Inc., Chicago
Date: 1950s
Notes: The Ivanhoe (Ivanhoe Restaurant) located at Clark & Wellington in Chicago, IL was originally founded in the 1920s as a speakeasy. After prohibition, it then became a popular medieval-themed restaurant, where patrons descended to the basement bar known as “The Catacombs.” A theater was added in the mid-1960s and the restaurant closed in 2001. The Ivanhoe was frequented by many famous people over the years including Babe Ruth.

White body, teal design. Well of plate reads Ivanhoe Overthrows The Templar with accompanying image. Border features rabbits, fish, and various fowl with flowers and foliage. Circles interrupting the border feature images of Ivanhoe, Rebecca, The Templar, Wamba, Coeur de Lion and Lady Rebecca.

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ID and creamer photos contributed by CarolCardona
Plate photo contributed by reddygal

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