U.S. Steel 4

Manufacturer: Mayer China
User: U.S. Steel Corporation
Distributor: Union Supply Co., a subsidiary of U.S. Steel
Date: 1930s-early 1940s
Notes: United States Steel Corporation, headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., was founded in 1901 by J.P. Morgan, Sr. and Elbert H. Gary, attorney, by combining Carnegie Steel Company, Federal Steel Company and National Steel Company to become the largest steel company as well as the largest corporation in the world. It is still the largest integrated steel producer headquartered in the United States.

The shipping division had its start with the Pittsburgh Steamship Company (1899-1967) in 1901 and later the Bradley Transportation Company (1917-1967). Ships transported both iron ore and raw materials as well as the finished product. In 1967 these companies merged to become United States Steel Great Lakes Fleet, which ceased operations circa 2002.

The United States Steel Inland Rivers Department operated from circa 1900 through late 1950s-early 1960s. Another subsidiary was the Carnegie-Illinois Steel Company. Its fleet was organized circa 1922 and eventually (around 1950) merged into the larger US Steel inland barge and towboat operation.

The company used various patterns of china over the years which were used aboard the fleet of freighters, towboats and tugs as well as factory cafeterias and executive dining rooms. This particular pattern was distributed by a subsidiary of U.S. Steel called Union Supply Co., which was located at 1509 Muriel St., Pittsburgh 3, Pa. It was probably used by both ore boats in U.S. Steel's Great Lakes Fleet as well as by U.S. Steel towboats/tugboats on the Ohio, Allegheny and Illinois (and their tributaries). The pattern can also be found with STEAMER ALLEGHENY directly above and below the initials. The Steamer Allegheny was a stern wheeler owned by U.S. Steel which operated on the Ohio, Allegheny and Illinois Rivers from 1927 through the 1940s.

White body, intertwined gray USSC, matching gray bands.

Dining on Inland Seas by Daniel C. Krummes

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