Mission Statement


The members of the RWCN are a varied group brought together by their love of RW (restaurant ware) and the hunt for additions to their collections.

The network –now with more than 2,000 members– has grown and thrived due to the strength of our common interests.

Daily conversations on the forums have touched on practically every topic that relates to RW. From these conversations, the need was realized to help stamp out fraud and misinformation, and to help persons interested in collecting, and persons interested in selling to those collectors.

This was the genesis of the Pattern ID pages, AKA the IDwiki.

We are striving to display the enormous variety of RW, explain its various fields of interest, provide visuals for reference, additional details to prove that reference, and help anyone who is interested, learn what is authentic RW. The additions and/or corrections are ongoing. We realize this is a tremendous task, one which frankly has no end.

And, as the admitted addicts we all claim to be, we are grateful for that.

Mission Statement contributed by CarolCardona

The IDwiki was Originally built by VaultWiki
A special thanks to the team at vaultwiki.org