Dancing Girls

Manufacturer: McNicol China
Pattern: Dancing Girls Center
Users: Blackstone Coffee Shop, Black Cat Cafe
Date: 1931 - 1960s
Notes: The name of the center motif of this pattern was found in a 1951 McNicol catalog.

This is believed to be a stock pattern. The backstamp of the dark blue, rimmed plate says, "Stolen from the Blackstone Coffee Shop, Amarillo Texas." The coffee shop is thought to have been located in Amarillo's Blackstone Hotel, 202 W. 10th Ave. In 2007, the location was listed as the Blackstone Restaurant, serving a Chinese and Thai menu.

The photos at the bottom of this page show the same pattern on an open sugar bowl, with a similar backstamp: "Stolen from the Black Cat Cafe, Flagstaff, Ariz." The Black Cat Cafe was located on Route 66 (Santa Fe Street).

An ashtray in this pattern has also been spotted in black, with three black lines. On the back it reads: Compliments of McNicol China, Clarksburg, W. Va. The words "Compliments of" are above the McNicol China white-against-black banner backstamp, and the words "Clarksburg, W. Va." are below the backstamp.

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The above plate is bottom marked:
"Stolen from the Blackstone Coffee Shop, Amarillo Texas."

Louie may have been a restaurant employee or related to
one in order to get his own topmarked plate above.

Photos of open sugar bowl contributed by ebay seller flame100

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