United States Hotel 2

Manufacturer: Greenwood Pottery
User: United States Hotel
Date: 1886 - 1910
Notes: The United States Hotel was opened in 1824 and became one of the finest hotels in Boston, Massachusetts. It was originally called the City Hotel, then South Cover Hotel, and in the period between 1870 – 1880, became the United States Hotel. The hotel was located at the intersection of Lincoln, Kingston and Beach Streets.

In 1879, Tilly Haynes took over as the hotel proprietor and passed away at the hotel on August 10, 1901 at the age of 73. Click here and here for more information about prominent Boston citizen and Massachusetts State Senator Tilly Haynes.

Brown monochrome transfer Eagle holding ribbon in his beak with the initials "T" and "H" (for Proprietor Tilly Haynes), clutching olive brances above the word "Boston" within a belt logo that reads United States Hotel.

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