Kitchi Gammi Club

Manufacturer: Syracuse China
User: Kitchi Gammi Club
Date: circa 1914
Notes: The Kitchi Gammi Club was founded October 1, 1883 by sixteen gentlemen as a men’s social club. Originally their meetings were held in Duluth’s Grand Opera House. Later they moved to two other locations before deciding to build their own clubhouse at 831 East Superior Street in Duluth, MN. Architect Bertram Goodhue was selected to design their new four-story Jacobean Revival brick clubhouse overlooking Lake Superior, which cost $270,000 and opened on January 1, 1914. Most of the second floor is devoted to dining facilities. In addition to the two-story main dining room and ballroom, there originally were two private dining rooms, a ladies dining room and two ladies private dining rooms.

Crested with an interlocking “KGC” monogram composed of an orange 'K,' a pale orange, brown outlined 'G' and a blue 'C.' The monogram forms a circle. The rim is trimmed with a blue line flanked by orange pin lines. This pattern was produced by both Syracuse China and Maddock Pottery Co. The club in 2016 uses china crested in black with a different version of the monogram.


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