Tastyburger System

Manufacturer: Carr China
User: Tastyburger System
Pattern: Checker
Date: 1951
Notes: The Tastyburger Systems was a restaurant chain located in Cleveland, Ohio. Based on local news articles, Tastyburger Systems Manager Karl Frank Napoli died in a car accident at the age of 41 on Sept. 9, 1949, but the chain continued operations under the Napoli family up through at least 1963. Gaetano Napoli was the restaurant owner in 1953, and 10 years later, Michael J. Napoli was the owner in 1963.

The chain had its commissary & office at 8107 Hough Ave. with other Cleveland locations at 10514 and 10622 Euclid Ave., as well as 4926 Payne Ave.

In 1962, Tastyburger Systems fired waitress Jacqueline Irene Wooden when she revealed that she was not white, but a fair-skinned African-American. This eventually led to organized NAACP pickets and anti-discrimination marches against the chain in 1963.

The name of the chain was Tastyburger Systems, where Tastyburger was one compound word, though the media occasionally identified the chain as the Tasty-Burger Systems. The Cleveland-based Tastyburger Systems was not associated with the similarly-named, Indiana-based Tasty Burger (two words) chain operated by proprietor Kenny Borif in the 1970s.

White body with a checker black border, topmarked Tastyburger System in black script.


March 22, 1955 - Storefront located at 8107 Hough Ave. in Cleveland, Ohio

January 22, 1958

August 11, 1960

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Venue photos courtesy of the Michael Schwartz Library, Cleveland State University

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