Isle of Bali

Manufacturer: Bauscher Brothers
User: Isle of Bali
Distributor: Bert Muller
Date: 1938 - 1939
Notes: The Isle of Bali participated in the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition held in San Francisco, California. At the time, the Isle of Bali was billed as a Netherlands Indies Restaurant, but today the Netherlands Indies is known as Indonesia. The Isle of Bali served Javenese cuisine with locations in San Francisco, Paris, Brussels and The Hague (Den Haag).

According to this Isle of Bali menu from the Alice Statler Menu Collection at City College of San Francisco, the restaurant represented the "Netherlands Indies Government Participation" in the exposition. This piece could have been used at the exposition and/or distributed as a commemorative sauce dish.

White body, topmarked in brown with the Isle of Bali logo of a woman dressed in traditional Balinese attire.

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